Top 10 Baritone Blog Quotes of 2018

Lucas Meacham’s quotes of the year.

The Baritone Blog

155A2099 (1).JPG

2018 was an awesome year. The Baritone Blog put out 23 blog posts with lots of good moments along the way! These are my favorite quotes from my 2018 blog posts.

“Every time I deposit a check for singing, it feels like I won the lottery and I can survive for another year through my passion. The grind is hard but it’s temporary”

From That Time When I Was So Poor I Stole Food To Survive (and other starving artist stories)

“Vocal production is the most important deciding factor in your career.”

From How To Transition From Young Artist To Young Professional

“Just like people, vocal cords come in all different shapes and sizes. Our voice types are what they are, and there’s nothing we can do to change them.”

From Are You a Tenor or a Baritone?

“…you must have a conversation with your stage partner about how a…

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