Voice Lessons

While I’ve been doing this for a few months now, I finally have my online presence for my voice studio all set, and I am now accepting students!

Here’s some general information about lessons with me.

I offer lessons in person at my home studio as well as via video chat (FaceTime, Skype, and Facebook Messenger). Additionally, I am a part of the voice faculty at the Flint Institute of Music and teach voice at Howell High School. My studio is located in my house, at 6357 Chadwick Ave. in Fenton. I offer lessons in half hour and full hour increments. These can be invoiced monthly or a la carte. 

For students 8-14, I offer half hour lessons at $80 billed on the first of the month. Individual lessons can be purchased at $25 each. 

For students ages 15 and up, prices are as follows: 

30 minutes, billed monthly $25/lesson 
60 minutes, billed montly $40/lesson 
30 minutes, a la carte $35 
60 minutes, a la carte $50

Typically each month is four lessons (so you’d receieve a bill for $160 for hour long lessons). Holidays can make this number lower; oddball months with five weeks can raise the amount.

Please note, video chat lessons bring some challenges that in person lessons do not. The student must at minimum have a fast internet connection and access to a secondary device to play background/accompaniment/karaoke tracks.

As for scheduling, generally once you sign up you gain access to the online student (and parent) portal which shows my availability. I currently teach Sunday through Tuesday at my home studio.

Please feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you’re interested, please click the link here and sign up!


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