You are your product

The thing about being old is that I can remember when all the marketing was done in either print or commercials on television and radio. I remember when we didn’t know every dirty little secret of every person in existence. That was before the internet; before social media. 1d8xqxNow, we have the ability to find out every little thing about someone, ranging from their political opinions to what time they normally brush their teeth.

As performers, we have to be so careful about exactly what we put out to the world on social media. Let’s be honest, even the most well intentioned of us have some opinions that some might consider offensive. Usually this falls into the category of politics.

I am seriously the last person who should be lecturing anyone about what they put out on social media.

originalI’m very opinionated, very vocal, and politically active. I also understand the consequences of my words.That said, your digital legacy is something that you should consider before hitting that post button. You don’t want something out there that could be misconstrued into making people think you’re something you’re not.

As a general rule, I tell people to avoid politics.

While this may seem like an almost cowardly thing to do, I believe that putting out political statements in a non-volatile manner is fine. The problem becomes when some random keyboard warrior troll decides to join in and start with the name calling. The temptation is great to go in and engage. Pride steps in and the next thing you know you’ve gone from disagreeing with the foreign policy of your president to insulting some stranger’s mother.

giphy-facebook_sFurther, you should remember this one thing: you are your product. Everything you do and say is advertising your product. You have to make a conscious decision on the merits of putting that thought or meme out on the line. Or online. Whatever that phrase is. Crazy kids.


Everything you do and say either adds to or subtracts from your reputation.

When I say everything, I mean everything. What you say. What you post. What you wear. How much you weigh. Your ability to collaborate with others. Someone else’s opinion of your ability to collaborate with others. This is a very judgmental business. Don’t help the beast by giving it ammuntion.

Keep singing, friends.



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