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While I've been doing this for a few months now, I finally have my online presence for my voice studio all set, and I am now accepting students! Here’s some general information about lessons with me. I offer lessons in person at my home studio as well as via video chat (FaceTime, Skype, and Facebook... Continue Reading →

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Top 10 Baritone Blog Quotes of 2018

Lucas Meacham’s quotes of the year.

The Baritone Blog

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2018 was an awesome year. The Baritone Blog put out 23 blog posts with lots of good moments along the way! These are my favorite quotes from my 2018 blog posts.

“Every time I deposit a check for singing, it feels like I won the lottery and I can survive for another year through my passion. The grind is hard but it’s temporary”

From That Time When I Was So Poor I Stole Food To Survive (and other starving artist stories)

“Vocal production is the most important deciding factor in your career.”

From How To Transition From Young Artist To Young Professional

“Just like people, vocal cords come in all different shapes and sizes. Our voice types are what they are, and there’s nothing we can do to change them.”

From Are You a Tenor or a Baritone?

“…you must have a conversation with your stage partner about how a…

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My Weird (But Effective!) Trick For Singing High Notes

I can’t stress enough how accurate this is.

The Baritone Blog

UK-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Le Nozze Di Figaro at the Royal Opera House in London © Robbie Jack/Corbis via Getty Images)

You’re about to sing an aria.

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy (cue “Lose Yourself” by Eminem), and even though the high note is minutes away, you’re already thinking about it.

You loosen up your body and set up good posture. You begin to focus deeply and slip into character. Your pianist plays the intro but the thought creeps into your head again: “the high note.”

You start singing and the first few phrases go well. You’re spinning your sound and getting your breath underneath you: everything so far is awesome. And then once more, you find yourself thinking about that dang high note up ahead.

You keep singing and you’re really into the piece but the anticipation of the high note keeps hovering in your mind. The music gets louder, the harmonic rhythm quickens, the excitement builds…

and here it…

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

I can't tell you how often I've heard the phrase "practice makes perfect." It's something that is drilled into our heads from childhood. Do you not throw a ball well? Practice makes perfect! Didn't master violin immediately after you began playing? Remember, practice makes perfect!" The problem with that statement is that its mostly false.... Continue Reading →

Tech and the singer

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am obsessed with technology. My wife has just kind of learned to deal with that obsession. I love having the latest cutting edge toys, and if there's any one thing where price goes out the window as a consideration, its technology. From my home theatre to... Continue Reading →

You are your product

The thing about being old is that I can remember when all the marketing was done in either print or commercials on television and radio. I remember when we didn't know every dirty little secret of every person in existence. That was before the internet; before social media. Now, we have the ability to find... Continue Reading →

When you hit the bottom…

I'm going to preface this with the fact that I had planned to do this post on depression and how it has affected me, and then Meghan Ihnen (follow her on Twitter @mezzoihnen) penned an article in which she talked about burnout. Give it a read at Burnout is a b****. Let's avoid it. It hit home with... Continue Reading →


We are to that time of year where everyone becomes nostalgic and recognizes what they are thankful for. Usually, I'm not one to partake because I post so much about my family and the opportunities that I've been given that it seems largely superfluous and redundant (I'm thankful for my vocabulary as well). However, reaching... Continue Reading →

Musings from the coffee shop

Being a non-traditional student puts me in a lot of situations where I’m surrounded by people who are, quite literally, half my age. While it doesn’t bother me, per se, I’ve definitely matured enough to look at some of them and think "Jesus, was I that bad when I was that age?" Chances are, I... Continue Reading →

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